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Maestro Foods offers Pizza Kits, Cookie Dough, Cheesecakes & Coffee for fundraising events. We take great pride in the products we offer and helping everyone involved have a successful fundraiser. The testimonials we've received about our products and customer service truly say it all.

Take a moment to read through them below and contact us when you're ready for your next fundraiser.

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"I bought some of your cookie dough a few weeks ago and it was INCREDIBLE!! I wish I would have known how good it was and I would have bought more of the stuff but I only got a 3 lb tub. Needless to say, I want more!!"
Marietta, GA

"We love your most recent product and website changes. Coffee really adds to your selections well. Many people will order several different items off the brochures!"
Clover, SC

"Our Band likes Maestro's 'pulled to piece' ordering. Another company burned us by billing extra product. Looking forward to a successful fall sale!"
Hickory, NC

"We've received our brochures and are looking forward to selling Maestro products in the very near future."
Pittsburgh, PA

"Speaking as one Coach with experience... your pizza taste better!"
North Charleston, SC (Clinic)

"We appreciate Maestro working with us through our organizational changes. We enjoy your service and enjoy working with your Rep."
Ellisville, MS

"Your company has been very generous to us. We are looking forward to next year's event... I love cooking (eating) hot pizza!"
Savannah, GA

"Our group makes more money using Maestro. No levels to reach. We keep 40% of every item sold - 40 cents to every dollar collected!"
Greenville, SC

"We had another successful fundraiser with Maestro. Thank you so much I appreciate it. Looking forward to dealing with you again next year."
Richlands, VA

"How can I get more of this product?"
Cleveland, MS

"Another school in our area sold your program.  Everyone here loves it. We would like to use your program for our school too."
Lake Charles, LA

"It's time again for our sale, this is a great program."
Director - Alabama

"Our church raises building funds using Maestro's products. Everyone wants more so we're having another sale."
Fountain Inn, SC

"Thank you for the truck load of biscuits sent to the hurricane flood victims. Some companies would have tried to benefit from the storm.  We will remember your kindness. Maestro truly cares. Thank you!"
Wilson, NC
Moorehead City, NC
Princeton, NC
Swan Quarter, NC
"Congratulations!! Compared to others your delivery was by far the best. On time. Count to the piece.  And to the right address. (ha! ha!) Maestro hits high marks. Finally a user friendly fundraising company you can depend on."
Columbus, GA

"How can we get more please?"
Hermitage, TN

"We buy products from a local school here every year and we just love it."
Columbus, GA

"A dance group here used your product and told us about you.  Can we sell your products too? Everyone talks about Maestro's successful fundraising program and how the community just loves it."
Denham Springs, LA

"We use your program once a year, can we use it twice?"
Hardy, VA

"We just love your pizza and your cookie dough!"
Piedmont, SC

"Thanks to you our band had the uniforms and equipment we needed to compete this year."
Anderson, SC

Your Pizza, Cookie Dough & Cheesecake are soooooo tasty! How can I purchase your products from the company?
Sandra Kosciusko, MS

LOVE the cheesecakes! Mmmm!
Greenville, SC

that pizza is wonderful
wingate nc

Our group was so pleased with the condition the food was in, the timely manner and the friendly people we dealt with while setting up the orders, we did it again the following month. Thanks for everything
SAYAG Walterboro, SC

Maestro pizza is awesome!!!
Greenville, SC

I'm a teacher who ordered the cookie dough through a chorus student at my high school. I'm sorry I did not get more. My family loved them. The cookies baked like those from a bakery. I came on your site to find out how I can get more since I don't know when another fundraiser will offer them.
S. Coston Wilmington, NC

When a nieghborhood child with an angelic face came to the door selling for the school,my wife paid what I thought was a big price for some cookie dough. I shook my head and told her she still had a tub from last year in the freezer. She took it out and baked a pan of cookies. We ate all of that tub while waiting for the new tube to arrive.Now that one is gone and I can't wait for the new school year. Keep up the good work.
Bill D. Vicksburg Ms.

I just want to say that when I was in school, I sold ya'lls product and it was the best by far. Now my son is selling it for his band program and I cannot wait to get my order in.
Valarie Berry McComb, MS

your pizzas are so great we all love them. the cheesecakes are the best. also we love the classic brownie pie.
helen Easley,SC

I love Maestro Foods!
Greenville, SC

Do you know of any fundraisers in our area? We have ran out of that good Master's Choice Gourmet Hot Chocolate Cocoa!
Tom K Marietta GA